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Indivisible: Razmi

So I just wanted to render something pretty during my classes. Towards the end of the last class I saw more news about the Indivisible RPG getting founded (congratulations btw)! I figure I might as well have some fun and pop Bom (the tiger pelt) on and see how much I can change this into a killer Razmi render. This was the result… meh… can’t win them all. Who knows I might fix this one up later. For now I’m happy just painting highlights on noses and such. I’m going to call this finished before I get too board or overwork it. Working on Bom (the tiger pelt) was very fun. I tried to create the brush I used to simulate the fur on the fly and didn’t save it to push my self to get “down to business” when using it rather then slowly chipping away at it.