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Self Portrait

Another self-portrait. While I was working on this my daughter asked me to draw: frogs, mice, bats and snakes. All "gross" animals that she absolutely loves. I figured lets pop the whole batch together, and BAM! her favorite picture.

Rocco commisso tumblr nl665cx3fl1s2hw0ho1 1280
Rocco commisso tumblr nl62nyh3511s2hw0ho2 540
Rocco commisso tumblr nl62nyh3511s2hw0ho4 540
Rocco commisso tumblr nl62nyh3511s2hw0ho6 540
Rocco commisso tumblr nl62nyh3511s2hw0ho7 540

A fun head study. Yes this relates to the animal drawings from the last few posts. I’ll pop the final tomorrow.

Rocco commisso tumblr nl626jznxy1s2hw0ho1 540

More fun in the grey sun.

Rocco commisso tumblr nl4t7mtggq1s2hw0ho1 540

Part two of… many? Loved working on the face! Nananananana BATMAN!

Rocco commisso tumblr nl4t55s6xf1s2hw0ho1 540

Wow, it’s been way too long since I posted. Here is a PART of a larger piece I’ve been working on. More of a tonal study then anything really. Stay tuned for the rest and the final big finish.

Rocco commisso tumblr nl4tbtvk6a1s2hw0ho1 540

I must have drawn this little guy 3 or 4 times before I didn’t want to throw it out immediately… still feel like it could be better. I just need to remind my self, it’s only a sketch… only a sketch….